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Friends of mine from the Terrible Bra and Grille Tailgaters wanted to submit a video for the Jim Beam Tailgate Commercial contest. I came down to their party, video taped them and threw this together in a week. We had a very short deadline. The toughest part was sticking to the rules of the contest.

The shame of this is, the winning video did nothing to stick to the rules and yet they won. Sounds like sour grapes because this video came in second place. Needless to say that the Terrible Bra and Grille crowd, although very pleased with this production, were not very happy with the outcome. But it’s still something that they can showcase to their friends year after year.

Showcase: Watch the Video!

Skills Provided:
Creative Direction, Conceptualization, Cinematography, Producer/Director, Title Sequences, Audio Production and Editing, AfterEffects VFX and compositing, FinalCut Pro, Motion, Photoshop, Final Editing