Acting Demo Reel

Michael Kadrie

Actor | Writer | Director | Producer

My lifelong passion for acting began when I first stepped into the limelight at the age of 12 during Summer Theater. From there, I delved into perfecting character voices, lending them to various commercials and radio programs, which I later seamlessly transitioned into the dynamic world of animation. As my career evolved, I’ve extended my versatility beyond animation to encompass standard voice-over work, and I’ve seamlessly integrated my character skills into on-screen endeavors, including short films and commercials.

While I’m currently immersed in other facets of filmmaking (such as writing, directing, and producing), I remain steadfast in my pursuit of on-screen opportunities. Seeking representation, I’m ready to join SAG/AFTRA (if necessary), recognizing its importance in accessing larger projects and furthering my craft.

Below is a small sample of scenes that I’ve assembled for my latest Acting Demo Reel.

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Acting Demo Reel