-via Atlas Design Group

United Refractories is a company that I have had the pleasure of working with time and time again. From this brochure, to banners to website to a huge Trade Show booth. The challenge with this brochure was to create a molten metal graphic. The one thing that they were strict about is that they did not want to look like their competition. All of their competitors used the same stock images for Refractories. So I set out to create my own molten metal effect in Photoshop. They loved the image so much that we replicated this across all of their marketing material. The look and feel of this brochure is so simple, but in their words – so powerful!

This was the first of three video productions that I did for United Refractories. This one involved driving to Cincinnati to film their plants operations in progress. This was a bit of a challenge because they are very busy and it’s hard to not get in the way. Lighting was also not the best but we couldn’t set up our own lighting as it would get in the way of the machinery. I still think that I came away with a lot of great footage that I was able to use for the final production. For the intro I had create the inside of an industrial building which I was able to do in After Effects. The molten metal transition into the logo was an effect that I was working on for a while and got a chance to perfect it once I got this job. It was the perfect look and feel for the segment. I also lent my voice-over talents to a few of the sections as well.

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Skills Provided:
Creative Direction, Copywriter, Photoshop, Illustrator, Graphic Design, InDesign, Video Concept, Video Producer/Director, Title Sequences, Audio Editing, Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Voice-Over